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The Tepin Pepper is a tiny treat with a lot of heat. Compact, vigorous plants produce lots of juicy, pea-sized fruits that are hot enough to make a cookie crumble. This is a perennial bush in warmer locations, so if it survives the winter, it will grow back bigger and more productive. Use it to heat up anything from honey to menudo to ice cream.

  • High yields
  • Perennial
  • Slow to germinate
  • Good for containers


  • Botanical name: Capsicum annuum 
  • Pepper size: 1/4"-1/2"
  • Scoville heat units (SHU): 50,000-100,000/hot
  • Plant support: Tomato cage or stake
  • Depth to plant seeds: .25" deep
  • Spacing between plants: 24"-36" apart
  • Spacing between rows: 36"-48" apart
  • Days to germinate (sprout): 28-70 days
  • Germination soil temps: 75F-85F
  • Soil needs: 6.0-7.0 pH
  • Sun needs: Full sun
  • Frost hardy: Yes
  • Planting season: Spring, summer
  • # of plants per sq. ft.: Appx. 1 plant per 2 sq. ft.
  • Days to maturity: 120-200 days

Good companion plants: Basil, Carrot, Cucumber, Eggplant, Okra, Rosemary, Sage, Squash, Tomato

  • These Tepin pepper seeds will produces tons of of ¼"  pea-sized hot peppers.
  • Extremely hot.  Handle with care
  • They will turn from green -> to orange -> to red as they continue to mature
  • Some claim this variety to be one of the Hottest Pepper in the World
  • It can sometimes take the seeds about 4-10 weeks to germinate - so patience is a virtue with these babies but definitely worth it in the end
  • Plant height is approximately 2' - 3'
  • Highest germination rates occur during the warmer months - around at 80 F or higher
  • Grows extremely well in small to medium sized containers
  • If you like hot peppers then this variety is a definite must have
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