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Dill - Dukat

Title: Sampler Pack (appx. 100 seeds) - $1.99
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  • Dukat dill is a particularly fine plant with amazing flavor and large heads.  If you like dill you will love to try this new variety in your garden
  • This variety is darker than most other dill varieties.

  • Excellent fresh or dried.

  • Grown for homemade dill pickles.

  • Can be grown in containers, raised beds, and any other location in full sun.

  • Annual plant.

  • Adds great flavor and color to many culinary creations.

Additional Details

Dill has a very long history of herbal use going back more than 2,000 years. The seeds are a common and very effective household remedy for a wide range of digestive problems. An infusion is especially efficacious in treating gripe in babies and flatulence in young children. The seed is aromatic, carminative, mildly diuretic, galactogogue, stimulant and stomachic.

Other Medicinal Properties

Dill is also used in the form of an extracted essential oil. Used either in an infusion, or by eating the seed whole, the essential oil in the seed relieves intestinal spasms and griping, helping to settle colic. Chewing the seed improves bad breath. Dill is also a useful addition to cough, cold and flu remedies, it can be used with antispasmodics such as Viburnum opulus to relieve period pains. Dill will also help to increase the flow of milk in nursing mothers and will then be taken by the baby in the milk to help prevent colic.


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