Seed Personality: Grows Well with Raised Beds

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Raised beds are the perfect way to start your own garden. They are ideal for smaller spaces (versus a conventional row garden); great for rocky, poor, or abused soil; produces a higher yield for the area size, thanks to better drainage and deep rooting; allows for a longer growing season, since you can work the soil more quickly in the spring in frost-hardened regions; makes gardening easier; for example, intensive planting creates shade mulch to keep the weeds down. When constructing your raised beds there are a few things you'll want to think about and keep in mind. How to Build Perfect Raised Beds   The Benefits of Raised Beds   Great Materials For Making Raised Beds   How To Plant a Straw/Hay Bale Raised Bed ⟐ How to Make a Hugelkultur Bed (& What is a Hugelkultur?) 

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