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1/4" Deep 12" Apart 3-4 Days Between 60° F and 90° F Spring Full Sun Well drained, and nitrogen rich Okra Cut green stems as desired. Harvest seeds by placing flowers in a paper bag and shaking


How to Grow & Harvest Amaranth



When to Plant

Sow seeds early in the season and cover lightly with soil. If you're direct sowing, make sure you do so after the threat of frost has passed and the soil has begun to warm up.  Generally, amaranth germinates well when the soil has reached at least 60 degrees F., but is not warmer than 90 degrees F. 

How to Plant

Amaranth is easy to start from seed, and is best grown when direct sowed into your flower garden.  If you want to get a "jump start" on the growing season, you may choose to start the seeds indoors for transplanting later. 

Amaranth prefers warm climates, and needs full sun.  Water them during dry periods, or once or twice a week as needed.  You can also fertilize once or twice during the growing season.

When to Harvest

Amaranth is ready to harvest, when it has reached at least 1-2 feet tall and shows strong stems and blooms.  The flowers are long lasting and will last from summer until the first frost.

The flowers are delicious to eat steamed or sauteed, and the greens can be cut and used as greens.

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