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Days to Germinate (Sprout)
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1/2" Deep 24" Apart 6-12 Days  75° F+
Early Spring Full Sun or partial shade Prefers deep and rich soil, but will grow in any type Cabbage, kale & mustards Cut stalks off at ground level and trim away the leaves


How to Grow & Harvest Cardoon



When to Plant

Sow cardoon seeds directly into your garden 3-4 weeks after your last average frost date or start them early indoors, about 6 weeks before your last frost. Cardoon, which is grown for their leaf-stalks, will be ready for harvest in about 120 to 150 days after planting.

How to Plant

Pick a location that has full sun or partial shade.  Make sure the soil is well-drained, and rich in organic matter.  Add aged, nutrient dense compost to your planting site. Cardoon prefers a soil pH of 6.0 to 7.0. Sow cardoon seed 1/2 inch deep. Thin cardoon from 18" to 24" inches apart. Space rows 24" inches apart.


When to Harvest

Cardoon will be ready for harvest 4 to 6 weeks after blanching. Cut stalks off at ground level and trim away the leaves.

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