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1/4" Deep 18-24" Apart 7-10 Days Between 60° F and 70° F Spring Full Sun Any soil type, not overly fertile Lavender Harvest leaves once the flowers bloom


How to Grow & Harvest Catmint


Once the threat of frost has passed, sow your seeds into your garden bed that has full sun - partial shade.   Catmint prefers soil that drains well.  You can also start your catmint seeds indoors 6-8 weeks prior to your last average frost date.

When to Plant

How to Plant

Growing catmint is easy to do.  Average, but well drained soil will allow your catmint to thrive.  They are drought and heat tolerant and will grow well with little attention.  They also can withstand overcrowding. Fertilization, generally isn't required. 

Once your catmint has grown to be a few inches tall, pinch back the shoots to promote a "bushy" shape and future growth.   It blooms in mid-summer, and after the first harvest, trim your plants back and they will come back. Usually, resulting in 3 harvests within a season. 

Catmint is known to be aggressive, and can crowd out other plants so give them their own space, away from other plants in your garden. You can also contain them by using a border or special edging.

When to Harvest

Harvest leaves once the flowers bloom.  Cut off the top leaves, stems and flowers. Use them fresh, dried , or frozen. Spread leaves out to dry in a cool and ventilated area.

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