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1/8" Deep 1 pack per 3-4 sq. ft. 7-14 Days 55° F
Spring & summer Full Sun Rich and well drained Radishes 60


How to Grow & Harvest Chervil


When to Plant

Sowing your seeds in early spring will provide you with a second crop, late in summertime. The plant will reseed itself quite easily.  You can also sow seeds in the fall, and most likely, they will survive the winter and bloom in early spring. 

How to Plant

Although most herbs prefer sunny locations, chervil prefers cool, shady locations.   Plant this herb only once,  and leave a few flowers to go to seed so it can replenish itself year after year.   Chervil also makes a wonderful herb to grow indoors in a shady location or windowsill.  Thin seedlings to 8 to 12 inches apart.

When to Harvest

Six to eight weeks after you have planted chervil, it will be ready for harvesting.   Begin snipping the leaves from the plant when the plant itself is about 6 inches tall. This will delay the plant from flowering for a little while until summer comes.   You can use chervil fresh or dried in many culinary dishes. Also, try adding chopped chervil to butter and then freezing or adding to vinegar to make flavored vinegar for cooking.  Cut flowers lend airiness to fresh or dried flower arrangements, and the dried leaves can be added to potpourris.

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